FilTek® - innovative filter fabric with a wide range of application

FilTek® filter fabrics are an innovative specialized material with a wide range of applications. Its main purpose is the filtering of air masses in painting chambers, air conditioners and supply and exhaust ventilation.

The leading manufacturer of filter fabric is the Nonwoven Materials Factory "Wes Mir", which supplies its partners and customers with products, the volume of which exceeds 450 tons annually. The fabric is produced in rolls of various lengths and widths. The thickness of the product depends on its purpose and varies from 2 to 45 mm.

New in FilTek® Paint

FilTek® Paint ceiling filters are ideal for filtering air masses in spray booths. FilTek® Paint materials have a deep latex heat-resistant impregnation and can be used in difficult operating conditions.

More detailed

Material features

FilTek® consists of synthetic fibers that are thermally bonded. The canvas has a non-uniform structure and can consist of several layers of different density material. To increase the strength of the products and prevent fiber migration, some types of filter products are supplemented with a layer of reinforcing mesh. Due to its unique structure, FilTek® effectively removes paint and varnish aerosols sprayed in the air.

The product range covers G2 to F9 filter classes


The FilTek® filter fabric has been designed to effectively remove aerosols from the air. It is being effectively used for:

  • air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • equipment of cells and filter cassettes for various purposes;
  • purification of recirculated air masses, which saves heat in the cold season;
  • elimination of aerosols from the air that come out of the paint booths;
  • ceiling-mounted filters to purify the air supplied to the spray booth.

Environmentally friendly and safe

  • not subject to decomposition
    has biochemical
    bactericidal resistance;

  • safe
    because in its production,
    eco- friendly raw
    materials are used;

  • meets the standards
    of the Unified Sanitary-
    Epidemiological and
    Hygienic requirements;

  • hypoallergenic
    material, does not require
    protective equipment
    upon contact.

Operating Tips

When using the FilTek® Paint roll filter, it is important to follow these recommendations:

  • the fabric can only be used once, it cannot be washed or cleaned;
  • disposal of filters is carried out similarly to solid household waste;
  • the use of the material is allowed if there are no aggressive substances in the air - gases, acids, vapors.

In order for the filter fabric to effectively cope with its task, it must be replaced in a timely manner. The filter can be replaced in accordance with the internal regulations of the enterprise, the indicators of the differential pressure switch, or in the presence of contamination of the product, which were identified during a visual inspection.