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The Wes Mir Factory of Nonwoven Fabrics is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech nonwoven materials supplied to leading industrial enterprises in Russia.

Our products meet the highest quality requirements, meet the requirements of international standards ISO 9000 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and have a well-deserved reputation among our customers and partners. Our materials have Russian and international certificates, and evidence from leading institutions in the industry.


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The Wes Mir company is a Russian manufacturer of high-technological nonwovens

The Wes Mir NFF is an expert in the production of nonwoven textiles. We have six production lines at three different production sites in Podolsk, in the Moscow Region. We have our own warehouse complex, a research laboratory, and logistics.

The Wes Mir Company has over 300 employees, including highly skilled workers, technical specialists and experienced managers. The company is constantly developing its production facilities, improving its line in products, and developing new technological solutions.

The Wes Mir Company conducts research studies in collaboration with leading Russian and foreign universities and research laboratories.

At The Wes Mir NFF nonwoven fabric factory. We work for our partners and customers, make new creations and offer high-technological innovative solutions and products

The strategic objective of the company is to develop customer partnerships based on openness, trust and the strict fulfillment of partnership obligations.

We ensure the supply of high-quality materials, a high level of service and technical consulting to our customers.

The satisfaction of our partners with us, our products and the results of joint projects is the main priority of Wes Mir NFF employees.

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