Filtek® Paint material

Filtek® Paint material

Filtek® Paint ceiling filters are ideal for filtering air masses in paint booths. They are used in the automotive and woodworking industries, railway and aircraft construction, in the production of municipal equipment, etc.

If there is no filter in the paint shop, the work will negatively affect the quality of the paint. After all, dust particles and aerosols will settle on freshly painted products, leaving visible traces.

Filtek® Paint materials have a deep latex heat-resistant treatment, and not only its surface but each fiber is sticky. Thus, each captured particle remains in the filter. It is true even in difficult operating conditions where vibrating machines are used.

Filter fabric of the Paint series is supplemented with a fiberglass reinforcement layer, which increases the thermal stability of the material and creates a laminar air flow. The material has passed all the necessary quality checks and received the ISO16890 air purification efficiency certificate.

Technical characteristics

Classification ISO eMP 10 (M5)
Filtration particle size 0,3 - 1,0 micron
Test aerosol efficiency DENS, KCI
Initial pressure drop 33 Pa
Limiting pressure drop 450 Pa
Weight (surface density) 500 / 600 g/m²
Thickness 25 mm
Composition 100% polyester
Peak temperature 120° C
Roll size 20 m х 2 m