The Wes mir is one of the leading suppliers of sound insulation materials and the manufacturer of Keeptek® acoustic insulation


Ves Mir Nonwoven Fabric Factory has been developing and manufacturing soundproofing materials based on cutting-edge technologies for the auto industry for over 20 years.

Ves Mir is a first- and second-tier supplier for leading auto manufacturers:


Ves Mir is a participant of the Samara automotive industry cluster. The company has its own laboratory, equipment for conducting research on acoustic properties of materials (Kundt's tube), and highly qualified engineers with vast knowledge and experience.

KeepTek® soundproofing material. Product properties

  • Consists of a heat-bonded fabric based on light-weight polyester microfibres.
  • The material is moisture- and fungus-proof, i. e., it is hydrophobic and bacteriostatic.

Therefore, using KeepTek® soundproofing material does not require an additional waterproofing layer or protective soaking. KeepTek® material is mould-resistant, which lowers the risk of unpleasant smells. This was confirmed numerous times in independent tests at the Imat-Uve laboratory (Germany), Odor test, and the FITI laboratory (Korea), Mildew test.

  • The material has excellent elasticity and recovery under compression, making it perfect soundproofing material and cavity filler in cars to reduce vibration.

KeepTek® soundproofing material. Technological advantages

  • KeepTek® soundproofing material was developed, taking into account the need for excellent compression resistance when the material is used in various cavities in vehicles during assembly. KeepTek® is perfect for applications where filling the interior space of door panels and body trim of various size and thickness is critically important.
  • KeepTek® soundproofing material is easy to attach to various vehicle parts using ultrasonic bonding, hot-melt adhesive, or mechanical fastening.
  • The material has excellent processing properties for moulding and manufacturing parts by 3D printing.
  • It is also an effective heat-insulating material.
  • It is not flammable.
  • KeepTek® soundproofing material has excellent thermophysical and operating properties.

The use of 100 % polyester fibres widens the operating temperature range of a vehicle with KeepTek® soundproofing material from -60 °C to +140 °C, ensuring its efficiency even at high temperature and vibration loads.

For comparison: when using soundproofing material based on polypropylene fibres at temperatures below -20 °C, the material becomes brittle and may crumble. At temperatures higher than 90 °C, the material may melt, which could lead to loss of the claimed acoustic properties of the material during its use or under high vibration loads.

KeepTek® soundproofing material is safe for humans and the environment as proven by tests for reaction with heavy metals and organic emissions at independent laboratories at the Polmatex Research Centre and AVTOVAZ, and Imat-Uve (Germany).


Automotive applications

  • Shock absorbers
  • Roof
  • Boot sides and stealth shelf
  • Door panels
  • Floor
  • Wheel arches
  • Under-bonnet space

Our additional offers for customers

  • Manufacturing of parts according to the customer’s drawings;
  • Application of self-adhesive layer (solid or consisting of two parts for easier installation);
  • Duplication from one or two sides with black or white interfacing, or polypropylene spunbond fabric;
  • Ultrasonic treatment of parts.